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How to Use a Slack App for Employee Recognition

September 8, 2020

Slack is a workplace communication tool worth over $20 billion. It's popularity has been largely fueled by its ability to adapt to user needs quickly and its slick, user-friendly design.

Used by companies and teams around the world, Slack continues to define itself amongst competitors like Microsoft Teams and Workplace by Facebook. Slack's app store has an impressive number of helpful applications that make the communication experience more fun, efficient, and interesting. This is especially helpful with the rise of remote work that is certainly here to stay. So how can employers optimize Slack?

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Slack Apps

Slack can quickly serve as a central hub for employees when applications are used to the company or team's advantage. Slack has made it easy for developers to create integrations for users to install and use throughout the platform. This strategy has resulted in over 2000 apps to choose from on Slack compared to less than 600 on other communication platforms. Installing the right apps for your company is a key way to optimize Slack.

In the app store, the App Directory, you can find everything from file management apps to health and wellness tools. To find what you need quickly and easily, filter by categories like "Productivity" or "HR & Team Culture." Then, compare your options before going ahead and installing your apps.


Using Slack for Employee Recognition

As the nature of work evolves, the importance of employee recognition has become increasingly clear. If your company is currently using or considering implementing Slack as a workplace communication tool, an employee recognition integration is a great way to bring even more value to your team.

When employees give and receive consistent, personalized recognition, the benefits range from increased employee engagement to improved performance. With Slack, recognition can be made public by adding an application like Preciate to your desired channel. This visibility of accomplishments has been shown to increased intrinsic motivation, which is incredibly helpful for improving company metrics around productivity, retention, and more.


Preciate's Employee Recognition App for Slack

Preciate is an employee recognition and engagement platform for teams and companies of all sizes. Our core purpose is helping our users build stronger, more authentic relationships, which helps them feel happier and more engaged at work and beyond. We built a Slack application to allow our users to build relationships where it's most convenient for them, including their workplace communication tool.

With Preciate, companies and teams are uplifted by the giving and receiving of recognition, which can be fed directly into any channel of your choice. Recognitions are automatically synced with your Preciate account, so you can view them anywhere, anytime. Whether it's pulling up the company Portrait during a team meeting or giving instant recognition from within Slack, Preciate takes an innovative approach to our employee recognition platform.



With the widespread popularity of Slack, more companies can take advantage of the wide variety of application integrations. Anyone on a team can install an employee recognition application like Preciate, jumpstarting their own recognition program. By making employee recognition convenient for Slack users, Preciate works to strengthen even more teams with the power of recognition.

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Lydia Stevens

Written by Lydia Stevens

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