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How to Succeed at Employee Recognition with Easy Onboarding

July 10, 2020

Maybe your company just did an employee engagement survey that came back with concerning results. Or perhaps the organization recently expanded, causing a greater need for tracking employee recognition digitally. Whatever your reason is, it can be intimidating when you first dive into the world of employee recognition.

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There are seemingly endless options for employee recognition platforms today. Some solutions focus more on rewards and the exchange of money in their system, while others give the ability to customize your program based on company core values. It's important the solution you choose is in alignment with your company's goals and existing culture. However, many organizations are switching over to employee recognition programs with a less prominent focus on rewards due to research showing the downfalls of increasing motivation with money.

In this article, we will go through the five steps Preciate has laid out for people going through the implementation process for an employee recognition program. With our proven process, many companies have found success with employee recognition.

1. Conduct thorough research on your selections.

First, find a variety of solutions and look into them deeply. This may include requesting a live demo with a member of their sales team to get a better idea of their offerings. Whittle down your options, and eventually, select the platform you will be going with. Then, make sure the solution you've chosen aligns with the core needs and goals of the organization. If you choose Preciate as an employee recognition and engagement platform, this should confirm that Preciate is right for you.

Get a baseline for employee engagement and performance metrics that matter to your organization. Next, identify leadership sponsors that know about your selection and support its implementation. This is also a good time to determine the primary platforms your team or company will be using (ex. web, mobile, Microsoft Teams, Slack). As you go through this process, confirm the solution you chose is still meeting your needs and has the features required.

At the end of the research stage, if you still feel confident with your selection, go ahead and choose your subscription plan.

2. Set up the recognition program.

Kick off your subscription by setting up and customizing your recognition program. First, get yourself thoroughly acquainted with the platform you chose. With Preciate, you get access to an intensive Help Center that goes over everything from how to sign up to the difference between badges and stickers.

Once you feel ready, go in and configure your account and privacy settings. This will range in intensity depending on the solution you chose, but here is an article discussing how to do this with Preciate's employee recognition platform. Now is also a good time to do any customizations to the platform. With Preciate, this includes your company portrait as well as any custom badges or core value stickers.

3. Build a base of support within the organization.

Whether you're planning to use this technology with your immediate team or the entire organization, it's important to establish a base of supportive people who will advocate for you throughout the launch process. Identify those culture champions who you want by your side, and tell them about your plans for implementation. It can be very helpful to have coworkers to bounce ideas off of and who may have some good insights coming from a different perspective.

Once you've identified those company culture champions, invite them onto the system and use it together. With Preciate, if you haven't already purchased a subscription plan, you can start a free trial to get access to features like member management and reports during this testing phase. Once your core group feels comfortable and ready, it's time to set a launch date!

4. Launch an employee recognition program with easy onboarding.

Now comes the part we've all been waiting for. Don't worry if you have butterflies at this stage - it's totally normal to want this program to succeed. If you've done everything discussed up until this point, try not to be too nervous; you are far more prepared than most people are before implementing a new tool.

First, upload your users to the system. If you are using Preciate, consider taking advantage of the Active Directory integration that automatically syncs your employees to Preciate for easy onboarding and offboarding. Then, determine your email communication preferences. Do you want to have us do the launch email correspondence for you using our templates, or would you rather do it independently?

Next, tell your organization about the launch and determine integrations are installed and working as expected. If you are using a Microsoft Teams or Slack app, be sure to double check that recognitions are showing up where you want.

Finally, you can launch the program! This may be in the form of pre-approved emails from Preciate or emails directly from you. Some teams also choose to have a meeting where the focus is the launch of the new employee recognition and engagement program.

5. Evaluate and adjust to leverage success over time.

Continue building your company culture over time by tracking key metrics and encouraging participation. Using Preciate reports, get information about important metrics such as employee engagement, participation, performance, and retention. Looking at these reports, you can understand trends and manage adoption easily.

Something that sets Preciate apart is the focus on showcasing your culture. One of the main ways we do this is through company Portraits. After your organization has exchanged recognition for some time, you can make your Portrait public to help with the visibility of your positive company culture. People looking for jobs today want to know about the culture of your organization, and company Portraits make that easy for them, thereby increasing your recruiting potential.

In Conclusion

Launching an employee recognition and employee engagement solution can be nerve-wracking for even the most experienced business professionals. However, with the proper guidance and a truly effective solution, there's little room for failure. By choosing a platform that fits all your needs and is committed to helping you reach your goals, one tool can end up making a big difference in your overall success.


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Lydia Stevens

Written by Lydia Stevens

Lydia is Preciate's Digital Marketing Manager. She works remotely from Colorado, enjoying the beautiful mountains on the weekends and creating new content for Preciate during the week.