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Preciate is a purpose-driven company based in Dallas, Texas. More than just a product, Preciate is a movement of people who believe in the power of recognition.

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Wow Attendees with 9 Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

By Preciate on January 18, 2022

Virtual conferences have become a standard part of conducting business in the modern world. Nevertheless, many organizations still struggle to foster serious user engagement during these digital meet-ups. Turning in-person seminars, conferences, and celebrations into thriving virtual events is made much easier when you have the right tools and interactive conference ideas to guide you from the start.

Topics: Remote Working Virtual Socialization
4 min read

5 Zoom Alternatives That Transform Your Virtual Meetings

By Preciate on January 18, 2022

Amid all the chaos and harm of the COVID-19 pandemic, one company has done quite well for itself. Zoom couldn’t possibly have known that a massive virus outbreak was going to send everyone home and keep them working from there for more than two years, but they sure were positioned well to benefit from it.

Topics: Teamwork Employee Engagement Software
9 min read

10 Ways Preciate is Better Than Zoom

By Preciate on January 18, 2022

There are a lot of virtual meetings and events platforms available, and over the course of the past few years, most companies have adopted one or another. While Zoom is commonly used, it has certain limitations in terms of meeting flexibility and user experience. It’s no wonder that the term “Zoom Fatigue” exists. Luckily, there are alternatives.


4 min read

Employee Engagement Types in Hybrid & Remote Teams

By Preciate on January 4, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of employees around the world out of their offices and into makeshift home offices as they do their daily work. Around six months into the pandemic, 71 percent of Americans who said their jobs could be done from home were doing their jobs from home.

Topics: Recognition Employee Recognition
4 min read

Yes, Building Trust in Virtual Teams is Possible. Here's How

By Preciate on December 15, 2021

The workforce has become largely remote, leading many businesses to seek out online ways to connect team members. One such challenge that has arisen in this new environment is building trust among virtual teams. Fortunately, many solutions have emerged in response to this issue that businesses can rely on. Keep reading to learn just a few ways that you can build trust among your virtual teams.

Topics: Remote Working Company Culture Virtual Socialization
14 min read

103 Examples of Workplace Recognition to Boost Employee Engagement

By Preciate on December 6, 2021

HR Managers and Directors understand employee recognition is one of the most important areas to keep up with in the workplace. Employee recognition can help with many companies' greatest concerns such as diversity and inclusion and employee motivation. Most of all, employee recognition feeds employee engagement, which leads to increased happiness.

Topics: Recognition Employee Recognition Employee Engagement Relationships Workplace Employee Recognition Software Employee Appreciation
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How to Plan a More Engaging Virtual Sales Kickoff

By Preciate on November 23, 2021

Sales kickoffs are all about motivation, networking, team-building, leadership and fun. In today’s remote & hybrid working world, with everyone fatigued and disengaged from classic video-conferencing meetings, is it possible to plan a SKO that is fun and engaging?

Topics: Future of Work Relationships Remote Working Workplace Company Culture Leadership Positive Emotional Culture Virtual Socialization
2 min read

Becoming a Certified B Corporation: Preciate

By Preciate on February 3, 2020

We have a very exciting announcement! In November of 2019, Preciate was approved as a Certified B Corporation for the first time. After becoming a public benefit corporation in July of 2019, this was the clear next step to further our commitment to do the best we can for the world. Preciate is proud to now be a part of the community of businesses who believe in the power of purpose.

Topics: Future of Work Employee Health Workplace Relationships Employee Recognition Software
24 min read

The Ultimate List of 106 Team Building Ideas

By Preciate on October 15, 2019

Relationship-Oriented Team Building to Improve Company Culture

Whether it's planning ice breaker events for newly formed teams or freshening up engagement for groups who have worked together for years, team building can certainly be a challenge. Companies have a lot to think about, and sources of employee motivation can tend to get blurred by certain external rewards. If you're an employee tasked with team building efforts at your company or someone who just wants to motivate your group, check out our list of 106 relationship-focused ideas to promote team bonding and engagement. 

Topics: Teamwork Workplace Relationships Positive Emotional Culture Employee Appreciation