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Why Use Microsoft Teams? 4 Reasons to Start Today

February 28, 2020

With Microsoft Team's rapid growth since its release, there are surely some good reasons why so many companies are making the jump to MSTeams.

If your team or company is considering implementing Microsoft Teams as its primary workplace communication tool, check out our list of the top four reasons why your team should start using Microsoft Teams.

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1. Simplify work.

The overarching benefit of Microsoft Teams is consolidating many elements of work into one place. This allows companies to simplify how many different tools they rely on to make everything run smoothly.

For example, Microsoft Teams take the confusion out of meetings, especially for teams with complicated structures and schedules. With the Skype integration, you can host a meeting directly in the channel of your choice. People can join without requiring an invitation or meeting URL like on other platforms. You can even add files and notes to the meeting while it occurs, and a video recording is saved afterwards with all attached files, discussions, and action items for other employees to view if they were unable to attend the meeting.

2. Customize and optimize with apps.

The Microsoft Teams app store, AppSource, has a wide variety of integrated applications for any business need your company may have. Whether it's video conferencing, project collaboration, or task management, MSTeams has something for you.

One of our top Microsoft Teams tips is to look for an employee recognition app while shopping for MSTeams integrations. Although it may feel less crucial for productivity compared to something like a task management application, employee recognition is actually one of the best ways to motivate employees and increase performance.

Preciate developed an employee recognition application for Microsoft Teams because we know how much every company can benefit from the giving and receiving of recognition. As the culture of appreciation grows, so do authentic workplace relationships that keep people engaged over the long term. We believe every employee at every company should have access to a stellar company culture, which is why our employee recognition application is free to use forever.


Start recognizing your team and install Preciate's Microsoft Teams application today.


3. Get it done on the go.

Whether you need to chat a coworker during your daily commute or host a video meeting with your team while working from the road, Microsoft Teams has got you covered. With the Teams phone app, it's easy to access all the same critical functionality with even more convenience.

If you're on the move and realize one of your coworkers deserves a recognition, you don't even have to leave the Microsoft Teams application to give recognition with Preciate. This makes recognition more practical than ever, regardless of how busy you and your team may be.

4. Seamless integration with Office 365.

If your company already uses Office 365, it's a no-brainer to start using Microsoft Teams for workplace communication and beyond. Start projects in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Teams, and then share any documents with team members directly into the channel. Your team can make comments and updated versions without the confusion of email attachments.

Because Microsoft Teams is included with Office 365, it is also an extremely affordable way to jumpstart workplace communication without the added cost of stand-alone platforms like Slack.



Microsoft Teams is a solid choice for companies and teams all over the world when it comes to workplace communication and synchronization. As the single fastest growing Microsoft application in history, it is clear how important it is to have tools that simplify work to the greatest extent possible.

From smoother meeting scheduling to improved collaboration on projects, MSTeams gives a sustained boost to companies who optimize its use with integrated applications like Preciate's employee recognition solution.


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Lydia Stevens

Written by Lydia Stevens

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